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Bear Hump

Bear Hump

Bear Hump

Waterton National Park

Time: 1 hour

Distance: 2 km (return)

Elevation Gain: 240 m

How To Get There: The trailhead begins behind the Information Centre in Waterton Park. The Information Centre is right along highway 5, just east of the Waterton village.

This was the first time Matt and I had ever hiked together. We had only been dating for six months and I was really excited to show him Waterton because he had never been before. I had hiked the Bear Hump before with an ex-boyfriend and again with my sister so I wanted to show him how great the views were. Along the way, we stopped at a place where they keep a bunch of buffalo. We were lucky enough to spot them at the very end of driving around and looking for them!

Matt posing with the buffalo

Then we went in search of the trailhead. It's not too far away from Waterton (just a bit to the east, right beside the visitor centre). The hike itself is straight up and fairly short, so it's not too difficult. There are some small switchbacks through the trees that leads you up to what is called "Bear Hump". Essentially it looks like a bear's hump from a distance. It's a vast area with lots of space for people to take pictures. It's a very popular hike so don't expect to be alone. The weather was incredibly warm for fall in the mountains but it was also very smoky from forest fires that were close by.

Matt and I with Waterton Lakes in the background
Matt sitting on Bear Hump

Regardless, the views were still incredible. It allows you to look over both the Waterton lakes and the village itself.

South view
View to the East

Matt and I tried to keep scrambling up, not really sure if there was a trail beyond the hump. We scrambled for a bit until we found a good resting spot and then we took our first hiking selfie together!

First hiking selfie together!

If you ever go to Waterton National Park, make sure to do the hike up to Bear Hump. Not only does it offer great views for minimal effort but it's also a classic!

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