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MSR Hubba NX Tent (1 Person)

MSR Hubba NX Tent

Christmas came very early for me! I am now the proud new owner of a solo backpacking tent. I already have a three person backpacking tent with Matt but this new one is just for me. I am going to be doing the Skyline hike in Jasper this summer and I needed a lightweight tent that I could carry without splitting the contents with someone else. Thus I bought the MSR Hubba NX Tent.

Two reasons I ended up going with the MSR Hubba: 1) it is incredibly lightweight and had good reviews and 2) it is affordable (as far as backpacking tents go) for its weight. Yes, I could have gotten something that was even lighter but that would also mean shelling out twice as much money which just isn't worth it.

Once I actually get a chance to use the tent this summer, I will come back and post more of a review on how it performed. However, I was just so excited to get this tent that I wanted to put a bit of a preview on the blog.

So here is some information on the tent:

Packed Weight: 1.29 kg or 2.84 lbs

Seasons: 3 Season

Floor Length: 2.16 m or 7.08 ft

Floor Width: 0.76 m or 2.50 ft

Interior Peak Height: 0.91 m or 3 ft

Packed Size: 46 x 15 cm

It also didn't hurt that this tent happens to be my favorite color, red :)

When I took the tent out of the sack, I was very impressed by how easily it fit right back in. I didn't even have to fold it up that tight to get it back in the sack. The poles itself are all connected and thus it's basically just one long pole. The stake sack contains four stakes, a few tent patches and an extra pole end in case one of the poles breaks. I'm hoping the vestibule will be large enough for me to put my pack under so I don't have to bring it inside the tent because I'm fairly certain there isn't enough room for me to comfortably sleep in the tent with my backpacking bag as a roommate. I am a tad curious how everything will hold together if a wind/rain storm blows in but I guess we'll just have to see.

Stay tuned for my review on how it performs out on the trail!

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