Fullerton Loop

The view from one of the lookout points at Fullerton Loop

Fullerton Loop

Bragg Creek Provincial Park

Time: 3 hours

Distance: 6 km (return)

Elevation Gain: 155 m

How To Get There: Park on the north side of HWY 66 on Ranger Creek Road, across from Allen Bill Parking. This is the new trail head for Elbow Trail post 2013 flood. From the parking lot follow the Elbow Trail through some beautiful meadows, as it wanders next to the Elbow River. At 1.2 km you'll come to the start of Fullerton Loop. Turn left and continue through dense forest for 250m to the loop junction.

Fullerton GPS Map

This was the first hike of the spring season and I was very excited to get back out there! Not only was it the first hike of spring, but it was also the first time I tried hiking since my hip started feeling better! I was eager to go and I managed to convince my sister, Kim, to come out with me.

I chose an easier hike so that I wouldn't re-aggravate my hip. I had heard that Fullerton Loop was a great shoulder-season hike because the elevation was so low. Small elevation=less snow. 2015 had been a dry year anyway so there wasn't a snow pile in sight when we got to the trailhead (which was easy to find along the highway).

The trail itself is fairly straightforward and is wide enough for two people to hike side by side for most of the way. It gradually ascends up and over, making your legs work for it but definitely not putting you out of breath. It was fairly busy because it's so easy to do. There are two lookout points (though the second one, if you are going counter clockwise like we were, is better because there aren't as many trees in the way) and we stopped to take pictures at both.

Enjoying the scenery as we walk on the west side of the loop
Standing on a cliff that was on the downward path of the loop

It was a nice hike and it was even nicer to get back out there!