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   WHO AM I   

My name is Kayla Armstrong. I grew up in Southern Alberta on a small farm outside of a village called Milo. My favorite childhood memories were whenever my family took our brown tent trailer out camping, especially when it was in the mountains. I absolutely loved the feeling of being outdoors!

Unfortunately, when I was 15, my family sold the farm and moved to a town called Vulcan. It was just the first step in me no longer having a chance to explore nature like I once did. Eventually after graduating high school, I moved to Calgary and recieved a diploma that led me to working downtown.


After a few years, I started on a downward slide. I couldn't figure out why I was so miserable but nothing seemed to ever help. Every day I walked through the concrete jungle made me feel further removed from who I really was.

Then one day I went on a day hike with my sister and everything changed. I felt rejuvenated when I got home. I was happy again. This was the start of what I can only hope will be a life-long obsession (because just ask my friends and is definitely an obsession).


I love learning new things about hiking every day and want to share everything I have and will experience with you! Who knows? Maybe by stumbling across my blog, it will inspire you to get out there and explore. Because as I discovered, happiness is only a stone's throw away!

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